1 May 2014

Emmabuntüs is a finalist of the cyber-activism competition

Emmabuntüs Collective, the one that stands behind the Emmabuntüs Linux distribution, was recently named a finalist in a contest rewarding the cyber-activism. The competition in question is THE BOBS contest. It was organized ten years ago by a German radio and television to reward cyber-activism.

But what is cyber activism?

According to Wikipedia:
The terms of online activism - or hacktivism - refer to various forms of activism practised using the Internet.
Originally the term activist was related to those who fought, arms in hand, to defend (or impose) their own ideas and beliefs, or those of their school of thought. Today activism is the active support of a cause, an ideal, an ideology, a political party. Activisms does not accept violence.

The Emmabuntüs Collective is a collective of people who promote Distribution Emmabuntüs to assist in repacking hardware donated to humanitarian organizations, including associations Emmaus. The second well-known fact about Emmabuntüs is that is it used by JerryClans in Jerry - a canister / container with PC components, intended to serve as a central processing unit, without needing other things. They also call it Jerrycan.

The Collective Emmabuntüs campaigns to promote free software, extend equipment life through reuse and recycling of materials to reduce waste caused by the consumption of raw materials, to help all humanitarian organizations in their reconditioning work to reduce the digital divide. Collective Emmabuntüs is a group of people working at their level to make it a little more possible.

Here is the presentation of the contest site thebobs.com:

The Bobs awards honor websites and projects in 14 languages that champion the open exchange of ideas and freedom of expression. When the annual awards launched in 2004, blogs were just beginning to establish themselves as a new type of media and The Bobs aimed to show that this new form of communication was worthy of being taken seriously and to point to the excellent example of work being done online to foster dialogue across language barriers.
The Bobs represent one of Deutsche Welle’s ongoing efforts to contribute to promoting freedom of expression and the upholding of human rights on the Internet and around the world.

Collective Emmabuntüs is proud to be selected among the finalists of the competition and encourage you to vote for our project.

You can vote on The Bobs site once per day in each category, you can vote with your facebook account, with your twitter account, and you can also create an account on the contest website to vote with, it is fast and easy. We did a tutorial on our blog to show how to vote. Do not hesitate to vote today and probably on other days if you find that our project brings something to the world of Free, and our world in general. You can also support us a second way, in addition to voting for us, you can spread this news to your network, ask around you. ;)

The article was originally published in French on linuxfr.org. Translation by DarkDuck.


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