1 Apr 2014

The Unexpected Present from Microsoft

The day is very close!

I mean the day when Linux installations will flood the desktop market. It may be even closer than you think! Let me explain.

Microsoft will stop supporting Windows XP in a week’s time, on the 8th of April 2014. The number of users who still use Windows XP is astonishing. Let's be honest – XP was the best and the most stable of all the releases of that Redmond corporation.

Another thing to point out is that quite a lot of users prefer Microsoft Security Essentials to all the antivirus software available on the market.

And here is the trick… and a present that Microsoft prepared to all Linux fans in the world. The update of Microsoft Security Essentials for XP released on the 1st of April 2014 contains a direct recommendation to upgrade Windows XP to… Linux!

Yes, you read that right. The link in the MSE article gives a list of most popular Linux distributions (Hsiloof, Zorin, Ubuntu, Debian, Mint, Mageia) with a short description of each of them. The user has a choice of a system to migrate to – similar to browser selection screen available for European Windows users for a while now.

That's very nice of you, Microsoft! Thank you very much! We appreciate!

What should we do now? Fasten our seatbelts, relax and watch the army of Linux users grow!

Then look out – every XP user who knows you will begin to ask you to teach them Linux!

And for those who took this article seriously: please scroll to the top of it and check the date. 


  1. This is consistent with Microsoft deploying Office for iPad and Android. Their business model is no longer Windows first. If they're suggesting people switch to Linux, how far away is a Linux port of Office?

  2. How far off is a MS branded distro of Linux itself???? I know many who would buy it just because its supported by MS.

  3. Ah the annual Jape. Wasn't last year hsiloof with some bizarre Linux distro that couldn't possibly exist?

  4. Isn't this wonderful, we Linux fans have been waiting for years, and now we've got it.

    1. Yes, everything's possible on the 1st of April! :)

  5. ..gee windows users will start 'bugging' us regular Linux users for help?