31 May 2012

Broken version of the interview with Dedoimedo

The interview has been moved to the new address.

If you are not automatically redirected, please follow the link.


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  2. Anonymous must have gotten out of bed on the wrong side. I have enjoyed reading Dedoimedo's blog for over a year now and even when I occasionally disagree, it's worth it. Everyone has their own style of expression.
    Thanks for posting this interesting interview, DarkDuck.

  3. When you read comments like those from Anonymous it is easy to see why Dedoimedo has turned off comments on his blog.

    Everyone can handle criticism if it is constructive but when it is just abuse then it is just noise that nobody wants to listen to.

  4. Hi fellas,

    I'd like to point out I never turned off comments. I simply never turned them on in the first place :)


  5. I love his blog and his tests of different Linux distributions are really interesting.

  6. Ddedoimedio (Dedo y medio) also means a "finger and a half" or "1.5 fingers" in spanish

  7. Dedoimedo has done an invaluable service for Linux users - he's one of, if not the most intelligent (and funny), honest reviewer of all. His blog is the place to turn when you want to find out if there are hidden pitfalls in the latest Linux distros.

  8. I am trying to understand things to get on linux, decide my initial distro, what I need to do beforehand, etc. Dedo's blog is helping me understand how linux is different, what is equated to what in my current knowledge base:) But most of all, I love his one-sided reparte' style of writing--because it connects with my beingness and (my)dry sense of humor.

  9. Dedoimedo is really a good writer

  10. Sometimes i don`t agree with his opinion on some of the distros, BUT yes, Igor`s site has a nice tiny place on my bookmarks toolbar. And the big plus to all of his reviews is showing screenie of the task manager, ram and cpu usage of a given distro. Excellent job Dedoimedo, continue in the same spirit!

  11. I like Dedoimedo's blog.
    It's one of the best in the Linux world ...

  12. Dedoimedo your blog rocks, just like mr.darkducks.

    However Dedoimedo it drives me crazy when I can't write a comment or say what I want to say! Like for example "I agree" or "No that does work when your run this command"

    I know there is a huge possibility for trolls but hopefully I find those get overridden by good people with something decent to say.

    Comments are much easier then emails so you will find you get a lot of those a day.

    anyway rock on guys.

  13. I like Dedoimedo's blog also. A fair majority of his articles have helped me in my transition from windoze to Linux. Although I dont agree with some of his reviews on some distros, I do respect his point of view. Without his blog, I would be a less informed Linux user. Thanks Dedoimedo, keep up the good work!

  14. I been following Dedoimedo's linux reviews for over a year. I find his reviews colorful and informative instead of the typical gruel found on other linux blogs. My only complaint is I have no idea how to pronounce De-do-imedo ???

    Mr Wdhpr

  15. Dedoimedo rules and that is why he is king. His content speaks for itself.

    Walk it like you talk it!

  16. Great interview sir:). Have been following your blog for quite some time. Not just Linux, but good articles about Windows too. Keep up the good work, dedoimedo!

    Concerned User

  17. > have these periods [sic] when I'm in a mood
    Why the [sic]? Everything looks right to me...

    thanks for the interview!

    1. i love dedoimedo it helped me learn linux and virtualbox vmware and i thank him very much he is also at wilders security
      forum (Mrkvonic)


  18. Igor from dedoimedo really knows how to write and most impressively, english is not his native language but he dominates it fantastically and reading his texts is great fun. It's an art, a gift, whatever...
    Thank you Igor, for the great fun you provide.
    There are epic articles, like "Screw this, I'm going back to Windows!", oohhh, great fun to read.
    Btw, I'm portuguese and dedoimedo has always sounded very original to me (direct translation: "finger and fear").
    Have fun guys, this is free literature and a class act.

  19. Whole interview is moved to new address. This page is edited to redirect.