4 Jan 2018

Pros and cons of Linux

Windows today beats almost all the markets thanks to its simplicity and large number of programs and games in a free access. We are used to Windows since there are no compatible systems like Windows. However, it is not true. Only a small number of people might have heard about Linux. This operating system started at the beginning of 90th and quickly gained popularity for supercomputers and huge server rooms. Today, you will actually be able to compare all the advantages and disadvantages of Linux operating system to understand whether it is worth your attention or not. Maybe, you will be even convinced of switching over to Linux after all. So let's start with advantages and disadvantages and then a small summary that I hope will help you to process all the newly acquainted information.


1. Open Source. The first and the most important difference and an advantage at the same time of Linux compared with Windows. To make a long story short, Open Source is a freedom which is referred to software. What does it mean? Most software based on Linux operating system, or any other ones as well, has an open code. Thus, any user regardless of its knowledge in this field can easily modernize the software or even the core of Linux making it better. Moreover, any user can share modernized programs with all the Linux community. That's why beyond the reasonable doubt this one is considered to be an advantage.

2. Security. It is also a very interesting feature of Linux. In the matter of fact, Linux is used rarely comparing with Windows.  That's why there are almost no viruses for this system. Considering the number of Linux users, it would be very unreasonable to create viruses since most of the people use Windows. So, it won't be profitable at all.

3. Speed. This advantage is directly connected with a previous one. As far as you know, without antivirus program, any PC will work much faster. Taking into account that Linux itself works much faster than Windows does, it is more convenient to work with such operating system.

4. Especially for programmers. Due to the Open Source, compile system, bashes, and shells this system is a great treasure for any programmer and developer. Moreover, being a very flexible system, it is rather simple to write programs and other software for Linux.

5. Less data-greedy system. Comparing with other "windows-like" systems, Linux doesn't overload with system processes that irritate all the users of Windows and other alike operating systems.

6. Relatively simple installation. There is nothing more to say. Naturally, installing any Linux system is more difficult than installing any version of Windows, but not much. The only complication for any newcomer is the need to manually create mount points only in case if you have files on your hard disk drive. In case if it is clear, Linux will do all the work for you.

7. Excellent support for drivers of all kinds of devices. It is also a very important advantage. Most kind of input and output devices, including keyboard, screen, mouse, modem, USB are perfectly fitted and updated.

8. Wonderful user support system. You may face this obvious advantage having certain problems with Linux or any software based on this system. This might be especially useful for newbies. Since Linux is the result of fruitful work of thousands of programmers all over the world, you may contact them in order to find out how to solve your problem and they will help you for free by the way.


1. Difficult to master. Unlike Windows, Linux is a rather difficult operating system and it will be much harder to understand how it works and learn how to use all the advantages it offers. This disadvantage also stops Linux from being propagated all over the world. As a rule, people are looking for simplicity.

2. Console. It will be rather unusual to log in to the console to use Linux. Most of the users might disagree since the new version of Linux has new interface eliminating the need to use a console. It is partly true, but this interface is also limited. Some things are simply easier to do in console. Sometimes you will be better off to use console, if you want something more than talk on Skype, watch films, have a chat with friends via social media.

3. Lack of games. It is a bad news for gamers since most of the games are not supported by Linux. This limitation is a serious obstacle for Linux to become more popular among young people.

4. Linux differs much from Windows. It might be a great disadvantage for those who decided to switch over to Linux since it is far from being a Window's prototype. Linux is an absolutely new system with a unique interface with the need to log in to perform more complex operations on your PC.  That's why most of the newcomers are overwhelmed with the difficulties of this system.

Obviously, as well as any other software or operating system, Linux has certain benefits and disadvantages. Most of them were already exposed. Linux might be rather disappointing for those who prefer playing games since not all of the are all available for this operating system's users. As well as for gamers, this system will be rather incomprehensible for newcomers due to a console that allows you to perform more complex operations, but demanding much more attention and skills to master it.

However, the major advantage for all the users is the security of this system. You may forget about viruses and antiviruses once and for all. Moreover, Linux is far less overloaded comparing with Windows, so it works much faster.

Unfortunately, most people are creatures of habit that's why it will take years for the Linux to take its place among the users.

About the author: For those who are not acquainted with her works, the author's name is Melisa Marzett. As a matter of fact she works as a freelance writer on http://smartessayrewriter.com/. Sometimes she likes to write essays on various topics, like this one since Linux operating system bothers most of Windows users and the question whether it will replace windows is on the issue of the day.


  1. This is a rather inaccurate post. Looks like it was written by a Windows user/fan with little to no experience in using Linux.

  2. The whole question it answers is really overtaken by events.

    Linux (via Android) is now the most popular operating system, used in billions of devices.

    People face it and use it everyday. The whole desktop market is declining, and many would not use even use one in their lifetime.

  3. Clearly written by a M$ troll.

  4. I have windows 7 in 2 of my computers and GNU/Linux in 5.obviously i am not a Gamer, i use GNU/Linux for others purposes . I am using this 98% of time, maybe i use windows 2 times a month 15 minutes. Only as a secundary OS. I dont trust in Windows in many ways.