21 Nov 2017

Fedora 27 GNOME: Quick Screenshot Tour

Fedora is one of the operating systems that users wait regularly and with big interest. Fedora is a playground of new technologies that will later come to RedHat and its derivatives like CentOS.

Fedora 27 has been released on the 14th of November 2017. Let's have a quick whistlestop tour through the GNOME version of this operating system.

When the boot process starts, you are asked about the choice: try or install.
Fedora 27 booting up
The welcome screen has no icons, but only a black panel at the top. The wallpaper is in deep-blue tones with a Fedora logo in the bottom-right corner.
Fedora 27 welcome screen
Freshly booted system takes about 1.4 Gb of memory, which is way-way-way too much!
Fedora 27 resources usage

The menu in Fedora 27 is not too long.
Fedora 27 menu, part 1

Fedora 27 menu, part 2
The Activities section of the menu contains the list of active windows, if any.
Fedora 27 Activities section
The applications in Fedora 27 GNOME only have a Close button on it. There are no Minimize or Restore buttons. You will need to add them yourselves using the 3rd party tools.
Fedora 27 applications
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