19 Sept 2017

Do you want to see 4 000 000?

Back in August 2012 I ran a very simple contest: you had to fix the moment when the visitors' counter on this blog showed the 1,000,000.
It's time when the counter is close to another large and round value, and it is time to announce yet another similar contest.
The rules are the same as they were last time, except for the value you need to show on the screenshot: 4,000,000.

All you have to do to win the prize for this contest is:
  1. Subscribe to this blog, either by following me on Twitter, liking Facebook page or getting e-mail subscription. All these options are in the right column.
  2. Take a screenshot of your browser showing the counter of pageviews with digits 4,000,000 on it. Ideally it should also show clocks.
  3. Send me an e-mail with your subscription details and the screenshot. If you have clocks shown, please also tell me your time zone.
To make it slightly more difficult and fraud-proof, I'll move this counter from one place of the page to another every day. I will know what is the place of the counter on a day of 4,000,000th visitor. Your screenshot should prove that very place.

The screenshot has to be taken on a desktop version of the site. Counter is not available on mobile version. If you use a mobile device, please click here to request a desktop version.

Can't get 4,000,000 yourself? Don't be upset! I have additional prizes for you! Yes, specially for you, who caught number 4,000,001 or 4,000,002 or 4,000,003. The prizes will be sent to 2 subscribers (yes, you still need to subscribe) who send me the closest numbers to 4,000,000 above this value.

What are the prizes?

  • Main prize is an Amazon.com $11 voucher. The voucher will be sent to the subscriber who catches exact 4,000,000 on the counter.
    • Second prize is a CD with Linux. This is a CD with any Operating System listed on Buy Linux CDs page. It will be sent to the subscriber who sends the next nearest number to 4,000,000.
    And here is some small print.
    1. Please do not cheat. If I receive several screenshots showing the same value on the counter (being it 4,000,000 or number above), the respective prize will be given to nobody.
    2. Contest is running by myself (DarkDuck).
    3. There are no official sponsors for this contest.
    4. My decision is last and binding to all parties.
    5. All the communications regarding this contest should be in English only.
    6. Contest terms and conditions can be amended at any time, including but not limited to cancelling of  the contest.
    7. No purchase necessary.
    8. Prizes will be sent via airmail.
    9. If there are any import taxes or surcharges, winner has to pay them.
    10. No cash alternative.
    11. Main prize (voucher) denomination is in USD and cannot be changed.
    12. If winner or runner-up does not correspond to the e-mails within 2 weeks after the announcement, prize will be withheld. 


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