5 Jul 2016

Linux Mint 18 Cinnamon: Quick Screenshot Tour

The release of Linux Mint 18 was very interesting from many aspects. The most interesting for me was the fact that it is the 1st release of Mint based on LTS version of Ubuntu after skipping several non-LTS versions. If you remember, up to Linux Mint 16, each new version was based on consecutive version of Ubuntu, being it LTS or non-LTS version. But since version 17 only Ubuntu LTS editions are used by the Mint team to build their own operating system. Mint 17 was based on Ubuntu 14.04 and Mint 18 is based on Ubuntu 16.04.

The full-blown review is also available. If you prefer a shorter version, let's do a quick whistle-blow tour through the Linux Mint 18 Cinnamon system with some applications you can find out of the box.

The welcome screen of Mint 18 has wallpaper that is conceptually different from previous versions. There is no longer version number on the default wallpaper.
Linux Mint 18 welcome screen
The freshly booted operating system takes about 465 Mb of memory just to boot. That is quite a lot.
Linux Mint 18 resources
The Internet tools in Linux Mint 18 distribution are represented by a more or less standard set: Firefox browser, Thunderbird, Transmission, Pidgin and Hex Chat.
Linux Mint 18 Internet applications
LibreOffice takes part of productivity tools in Linux Mint 18. It includes applications like Base and Math that are not always available out of the box. There is also a Document Viewer.
Linux Mint 18 productivity tools
Graphical editor GIMP, Simple Scan utility, Pix image manager and Image Viewer are available for work with images.
Linux Mint 18 graphical tools
Of course, Linux Mint 18 includes some multimedia players. However, this time you don't get necessary codecs right out of the box. Instead, there is a link in the menu that allows you to automatically install necessary codecs. Though, this link gives you an error. You can skip that error and continue with the installation, but that is still annoying. More details on the screenshot.
Linux Mint 18 multimedia tools
There is a lot of various small utilities included in the Linux Mint 18 distribution for small but necessary tasks. Just a small selection is shown on the screenshot.
Linux Mint 18 utilities
Have you tried to use Linux Mint 18 Cinnamon yourself?


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