26 Apr 2016

Xubuntu 16.04 - quick screenshot tour

Canonical released the new range of its operating systems last week which includes many members of Ubuntu 16.04 family: Ubuntu itself, Lubuntu, Kubuntu, Ubuntu MATE, Ubuntu GNOME and, of course, Xubuntu.

Of course, you can purchase your own disk with any of these and many other distributions through the Buy Linux CDs site. It is easy and cheap.

Let's have a quick whistle-stop tour through Xubuntu 16.04. A more detailed review is here and a post-installation thoughts are here.

Once you finish the boot sequence, you're greeted with a welcome screen in simple blue colours.

Xubuntu 16.04 welcome screen
If you don't like the default wallpaper, you can change it to any other. Quite a few come with the distribution itself.
Xubuntu 16.04 choice of wallpapers
There are not many applications in the default distributions. The choice if Internet tools is shown on this screenshot.

Xubuntu 16.04 Internet tools
There are some simple tools to work with graphics in Xubuntu 16.04.

Xubuntu 16.04 graphic tools
Two simple games are available out of the box.

Xubuntu 16.04 games

LibreOffice is a fresh representative of productivity tools.

Xubuntu 16.04 productivity tools
Of course, there are some tools for multimedia as well. Just enough to get you started.

Xubuntu 16.04 productivity tools
If you are interested in a more detailed Xubuntu 16.04 review, please stay tuned. It will come soon,


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