1 Apr 2016

Internet Explorer for Linux is available for download

You won't believe the news, but that finally happened!

Congratulations to all the Linux fans! You have been waiting for that for far too long, but the day has come!

Microsoft released the new version of Internet Explorer, and this time it is specifically for Linux! This time they partnered with Amazon to give you even better experience.


Please meet IE12L!

The abbreviation IE does not require additional explanations, as Internet Explorer is the world's best Internet browser, and 12 is the version number. However, what does L stand for? There were many debates about this.

The most obvious would be L for Linux, pointing it specifically to the operating system we all love and adore.

But there were some other suggestions:

  • L for Love that Microsoft feels to all the Linux fans.
  • L for Long loading time, which can be up to 5 minutes in the best-case scenario.
  • L for Long Support Cycle, meaning you won’t get any updates for more than 2 years.
  • L for Low-Cost, as this isn't the free software, but will rather cost you $9.99 to download.
  • L for Limited edition, as Microsoft will only allow 10 billion installations and no one more.

Maybe you have better suggestions? Please share them below.

PS. Happy Fools' Day