21 Jan 2016

4 tools to play Windows Games on Linux?

Linux operating systems gives the stability that Windows platform somewhere fails to deliver. But what about gaming? Can we compare Windows and Linux on gaming front? I don't think it will be a fare game to compare both on this aspect. Users who want to go with gaming will rarely use Linux and users who are comfortable with Linux operations will rarely go for Windows. Both are big competitors to each other and both have respective pros and cons.

But when it comes to gaming then Windows leads Linux somewhere. What does that mean, can't we play games on Linux? Well it's not true and today we can easily play most of the Windows games on our Linux system. Here I will showcase some tools that will convert your Linux machine into a gaming ware.

A big plus of Linux over other gaming platforms like Windows, PlayStation, Xbox is "Less Bugs/Issues". Other systems are flooded with errors like Yellow Light in PlayStation, Freezing in Xbox, common bugs in Windows etc. On the other side Linux machines will give you better stability with gaming section also.

How to play Windows games on Linux?

I will be sharing 4 tools that allow you to enjoy your favorite Windows games on Linux.

1. Win4Lin

It is a popular app that installs a virtual Windows environment on your Linux machine. With this app you can install Windows 2000 or XP on your Linux. You can use Win4Lin for using all the Windows operations (as it creates a virtual Windows environment on your Linux machine so you can use it for all the Windows operations). Please try it on a machine that has configuration above than 1.5 GHz clocking and 1 GB RAM. It is a heavy software and will require good configuration.

2. VMware

It works on the similar lines as Win4Lin. However it is way cheaper than Win4Lin and comes with less documentation that makes it easy to operate. This software allows you to use popular games like WoW and SIMS on your Linux machine. So if you are looking towards playing high level games like WoW or SIMS on your Linux machine then it is the best tool to go with. Although not required but I will still suggest you to try it on a Linux machine with decent specifications (1 GB, 1.5 GHz) to avoid any lags and performance issues.

3. WINE (Wine Is Not an Emulator or WINdows Emulator)

Talking about virtual Windows on Linux system and there is no mention of WINE? How that can be possible. Well WINE is a free and open source that allows Microsoft Windows to run on machines using Unix environment. WINE is quite famous for its software library Winelib which allows users to compile and port Windows apps to Unix platform.

WINE is included in some Linux distributions like Zorin OS.

4. PlayOnLinux

PlayOnLinux acts as the graphical front end for compatibility layer of Wine software. It is a powerful tool that allows you to club almost any Windows apps like MS Office, IE, video games with your Unix platform. It even allows you to install and use Applie iTunes and Safari on to your Unix machine.

PlayOnLinux is also available in some Linux distributions like Solus OS by default.

These are the tools that you can try to convert/install virtual Windows on your Linux machine. Do let me know if you need more information on this topic.

About Author:
Narender Sharma is a college student who loves to play virtual games on his computer/PS3/Xbox. He has successfully fixed yellow lights issue on his PS3. You can check the complete guides here: PS3 YLOD 


  1. Of course these are all becoming less necessary than they used to be. Apparently at last count there were 1800 Linux games on Steam. So you can play a lot of games natively on Linux now, a big change just in the last year or two.

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  3. I am a gamer myself, thank you for your blog. It's been very informative! Keep up the good blogging!

  4. Dude I know nothing of Lenox OS. Thank you for your words I am a Lenox man now

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