30 Dec 2014

Linux Antique

I have mentioned several times that my acquaintance with Linux started somewhere in the XX century, long before it became a part of our everyday life. It was in a form of Linux distribution downloaded from the Internet, and in a form of CD I bought from a stall on one of the markets in Moscow.

I have recently found the CD I bought that time.

Let me introduce you to Linux Antique, aka Red Hat 5.2 KDE.

I hope you like the Linux history.

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  1. I've also started to use Linux from this edition! It wasn't difficult to learn it, because I also had an experience with UNIX (on SUN and SGI computers).
    But my first UNIX was ДЕМОС (диалоговая единая мобильная операционная система) on PDP-11.

    1. You had experience with Unix, and it was easy for you. I wasn't so lucky, and had to give up. :(

    2. My whole background is Window$, NT-based mainly, and when I was little I had some experience with M$-DO$, so although I'm good at this shit, Linux wouldn't open up to me without teaching. I'm still just a Basic Linux Admin, but it's mostly suffient.

    3. There's no "too little" or "too much" knowledge. You know what is necessary for you. If you need more, you learn.