28 Aug 2014

Six Advantages of Choosing Linux over Windows

Linux is a computer operating system assembled under the model of free and open source software development and distribution. It has many advantages over Windows and some of which are listed below.

1. Cost: Linux is a freely available operating system whereas Microsoft products are available for a hefty sum. Linux can be installed on many computers but Microsoft licenses are allowed to be installed only on a single computer.

2. Security: The internet is highly useful for each of us, but it is vulnerable to virus attacks. The security aspect of Linux is much stronger than that of the Windows. Linux is secure in the realm of viruses, spyware and adware.

3. Choice: Linux offers us a number of choices. The users have the power to control almost every aspect of the operating system. In Windows users have to use the default desktop theme or risk corruption or failure if they install a third-party shell.

4. Software: The software choices in Linux are just many. There are several options for a minute thing like text editing in Linux. Regular users constantly contribute applications to the operating system. Software on Linux come with more features and greater usability than software on Windows. The most attractive thing about Linux is that it is a free and open source operating system. Users can not only get the software for free, but they can also modify the source code and add more features if they know programming languages.

5. Hardware: Linux is the best suited operating system for old computers which hardly have any processing power or memory. It can be used as a firewall, a file server, or a backup server. This has great possibilities of functioning since old computers which barely have any RAM run Linux without any problem.

6. Flexibility: Users do not have to deal with anti-piracy schemes while using Linux

Linux is multi-functional and efficient. Everyone shells out money for a computer. On top if it spending more on an operating system is not a feasible option for many if there are alternatives. Windows requires users to pay licensing fees and other extended fees, whereas Linux is free. It is charged a minimal fee when bought from other distribution companies. Hardware requirements are not a problem for Linux whereas Windows requires a higher set of specifications for hardware if it has to run, and be compatible on the users' computer systems. The poor efficiency of Windows consumes a large space and the processing speed slows down drastically. With Windows users can not use old computers if they are aiming at good back up.

Along with Windows users have to buy anti-virus or security package because of its vulnerability. In addition to a hefty sum, Microsoft takes time for security updates and other fixes. Linux is free of virus attacks. Linux can be tailored to anyone's need based on function, performance and programs. Users have the freedom of customizing the program from user interface to installed applications.

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  1. The only advantage for choosing GNU/Linux is that GNU/Linux is better than winshit.