27 Feb 2014

The Ivorian Adventure of Jerry and Emma

I have recently published a first part of the love story between Jerry and Emma. That was a guest post by Cyriac Gbogou. Today is the time for the second part of the story.

Florent Youzan, Jean-Patrick Ehouman and Cyriac Gbogou at once fell for Jerry's charms during the forum of the African innovators (Innov Africa 2011) at Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina-Faso.

They decided right away to invite him (Jerry) to the Ivory Coast for a great convention.

A few months later they contacted Romain Chanut, Jerry's manager who, with all the equipment of the JerryClan, gave them all the information necessary to organize a workshop.

The meeting was therefore set for May 25, 2012 for a night of sharing in the town of Yamoussoukro, the political and administrative capital of the Ivory Coast, 240 kilometers north of Abidjan.

During that night the co-workers, joined by Romain Chanut via a remote connection, put together their expertise until the first Jerry in the Ivory Coast was born in the early hours of the morning on the 26th of May, 2012.

As to the explosion of the love affair with Emma, that happened months later, precisely on the 15th of December 2012 at the Infancy Protection Center of Cocody, an upscale community in the economic capital of the nation.

Before Emma, the JerryClan-Ivory Coast had flirted with Ubuntu, but that was before encountering the beautiful EmmaBuntus distribution.

She totally conquered everyone's heart and from that day on, she and Jerry were inseparable thereafter.

That is how the adventure of Jerry and Emma in the ivory land was born, an adventure which has only begun because the goal of the JerryClan is to streak through every town, every village, and every quarter and community of the Ivory Coast.

That is how on Saturday the 28th of July, following the Jerry Marathon at Attecoube, nearly 50 people had a chance to meet Jerry and Emma for nearly 7.5 hours in a setting that was cool and truly "open".  That meeting also permitted two friends to find each other again after 5 years.

No one was unmoved by the history of Jerry and Emma, to the point that the Director of the Attecoube social center announced, "I was inspired by seeing Jerry and Emma."

As far as we are concerned, we would love to see the extraordinary things which one day will make the world free.

Who knows, perhaps the JerryClan of the Ivory Coast will make some magnificent discovery as a result of continuously applying this marvelous slogan: Do it together.

One thing is sure: creativity has been set in motion.

This article was originally published in French on July 30, 2013 under the title "Il était une fois Jerry et Emma en Côte d’Ivoire…" by Cyriac Gbogou, member of JerryClan Ivory Coast.


  1. Thanks for this post DarkDuck.

    (only negative was it came a couple of hours too late for me to download emmabuntus using spare bandwidth in last "month's" quota. saw it on distrowatch - but bypassed b/c of its ubuntu heritage... but now really wish i'd downloaded it...)

    1. You still have an option to do it next month. :)