13 Feb 2014

Open Source VoIP: What is Linphone?

VoIP phone systems are great allies for cost-effective communication needs. Regardless of the business size the features can be adapted to the office requirements. Some small businesses prefer using the VoIP technology on devices different than VoIP phones. This can be accomplished with the available software and apps that can be installed on desktop or mobile.

Linphone was the first open source software to use the session initiation protocol (SIP) with VoIP. The open software has voice, video and messaging features that can be used with any SIP VoIP operator. And because of its open source nature, it can be distributed for free.

What VoIP phones essentially do for business is transform the telephone data so it can be transmitted over the internet. VoIP software transmits data straight from the internet from a computer or mobile device and it offers the same features a VoIP phone system would in an office environment.

Linphone allows simultaneous call management with hold music, audio conferences and transfers. It can also work on a low bandwidth mode and supports encryption of voice and video. Linphone is no longer linux exclusive, it now runs on Windows and MacOSX. As well as the android, iOS and blackberry platforms.

The reason for VoIP phone systems to have rapidly increased popularity is that it represents a more efficient way of handling communications. Not only because it reduces costs, but because the data can be tracked in order to provide a better customer service.

Also an attractive quality, VoIP allows users to work from different places and receive the same calls they would if they spent 8 hours in the office. This flexible features adapts to the modern mobile lifestyle we have gotten used to. Linphone’s features and functioning place it on the same level as well known VoIP software such as Skype, Viber or 3CX. Proving that communication solutions is a still growing market that can only benefit from competing developers.

Have you tried an open source VoIP software yet? Share your impressions on Linphone or other apps to get the conversation started.

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