28 Jan 2014

Zorin OS 8 Core Quick Screenshot Tour

Zorin OS is one of the Ubuntu derivatives that aims the fresh Linux converts. It allows you to start using Linux in the interface similar to Windows.

Zorin OS 8 was released on the 27th of January 2014. Let's have a quick screenshot tour on the features of Zorin OS 8 Core.
(Attention! Heavy graphics!)

Default desktop right after booting the Live session of Zorin OS 8 is similar to what we had in version 7 - same sharp lines on the sides of the panel. However, the default wallpaper is different. Zorin Menu is here, of course.
Default desktop and Zorin Menu
in Zorin OS 8 Core
Zorin OS 8 includes Chrome browser by default. However, Zorin Browser Manager allows you to install alternative browsers of your choice. Chrome comes with Flash videos enabled, so you do not need to install additional plugins. Other Internet tools include Empathy instant messenger, Thunderbird e-mail client, Remmina remote desktop and so on.
Chrome browser with Flash support, browser manager and Empaty
in Zorin OS 8 Core
Default media player in Zorin OS 8 Core has very simple name Music. Apart from it, Zorin OS includes Brasero disk burning tool, OpenShot video editor, Cheese WebCam, Voice recorder and some other multimedia tools.
Music application, OpenShot and Brasero
in Zorin OS 8 Core
Zorin OS 8 Core comes with some simple games like Mines, Mahjongg, Sudoku and so on.
Sudoku, Mines, Mahjongg games
in Zorin OS 8 Core
The most distinct feature in Zorin OS 8 Core compared to previous versions is Zorin Theme Changer. It allows you to switch between different desktop themes on-the-fly. Zorin OS 8 comes with two themes: Light (default) and Dark. Here is how Zorin OS looks in Dark theme, when file manager, Theme Changer and GIMP are started.
GIMP, File Manager and Zorin Theme Changer with Dark theme
in Zorin OS 8 Core
If you like Zorin OS 8, you can download it from Zorin OS web site, or order a disk with Core or Light versions from BuyLinuxCDs.co.uk.

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