28 May 2013

New book from a Linux geek

This time I am not going to write about Linux, sorry guys.

But if you're into Linux world, you should know the person called Dedoimedo. I have even interviewed him once.

Igor Ljubuncic, who goes under Dedoimedo's nickname in the Linux world, is a multi-talented person. He is not only a computer and Linux geek, but he is also a writer. Last year he published his first book, The Betrayed. This year the second part of the story is out, called The Broken.

By the way, if you want to get The Broken for free, you can take part in the competition which Dedoimedo currently runs! Good luck!


  1. No doubt you are a smart man. I'm glad your into Linux.
    You bring a lot of knowledge to the rest of us, for that I thank you..