24 Jul 2012

Did Zorin OS Ultimate save me money? You bet it did.

First of all I am thanking all the Zorin OS team for their dedication, vision and hard work in developing Zorin OS.

We have been using Zorin OS since version 3.0 in our business and on our personal computers. I purchased several copies of Ultimate to support Zorin and because of the value added software on the Ultimate DVD. The look changer and splash screen themer are what I call value added. Also, the fact that we can configure our wireless without a wired connection has changed the way we use Linux.

If the Zorin Team can think of "value added" programs to add to the Zorin DVD, I am convinced they will sell more DVD's and that would help fund Zorin OS.

It was obvious from the first time I booted Zorin that this distro was putting back what the Ubuntu developers had been taking away over the other releases. The "look changer", the GRUB theme engine, DVD codecs and on and on. All these and more are restoring Ubuntu to what it once was.

I installed Zorin on my personal work computer and then installed Virtualbox on the computer and then my personal copy of Windows XP and then all my windows business software that I use. After using that configuration for about 30 days I found that I was more productive, did not have to purchase any more software for use on Windows 7, had no more viruses and had 3d graphics to boot!

Did Zorin OS save me money? You bet it did. Not only that but I can backup my Windows Virtualbox partition in about thirty seconds. And I can restore it in about one minute!!

My oldest daughter needed to use a computer when at my home because hers was not working for some reason, and so I let her use my laptop to check her email and do some banking. After about five minutes of using the computer she said "Dad, what kind of computer is this?"

I told her what it was and showed her the Virtualbox thing.

Needless to say she was blown away by the whole "two operating system" thing and wanted to know all about it. To make a long story short, her computer was not working because of a virus and trojan which had taken over her computer.

Zorin to the rescue!! We nuked it and installed Zorin OS and then virtualbox and Windows XP and the rest is as they say, history!! She is now one of the biggest Zorin OS advocates in our area.

All I can say is Thank You Zorin. Thank you for your efforts, thank you for Zorin, which is restoring all the best things back to Ubuntu, thank you for saving me money, thank you for the value added parts of Zorin OS. I am looking forward to Zorin OS 6.0 and based on the past versions of Zorin and the forward thinking of your development team it should be just as promising as the rest of the Zorin releases.

This is a guest post by P. Nelson, which took part in the joint Zorin OS contest.


  1. Great post P. Nelson!

    Mod him up for being informative....

    If only more PC users knew about Zorin, how easy and hassle free computing can be, the world would be a happier place.

  2. Yes Zorin is a great Os with Compiz working properly, Very stable OS and one the best.Have Look at the Zorin 06 Respin on youtube that i have done


  3. Been using Zorin OS 6 as the main OS on my HP Pavilion G6 laptop. It has been a pleasant experience.

    The only snag i have is that it seems battery management is not as efficient compared to using Windows on my PC.

  4. I still can't figure out how you "saved" money. You spent money and in return got Zorin Ultimate instead of Ubuntu (which is free). Virtualbox is free and the same thing with Windows could have been done in Ubuntu.

    That is not a saving in my book. It was an expenditure which may or not be wise depending on your opinion of Ubuntu.

    I could do the same thing in Kubuntu and it would be cheaper than buying Zorin. Would I be saving anything? No. I have not spent a dime. I am where I began. Free (in both senses of the word).

    This is misleading headline attention grabbing or a promo for Zorin. You have not "saved money" at all. All it may have saved you is your time in learning to use Ubuntu.

    1. I'm pretty sure he means that he saved money over purchasing (possibly multiple copies of) Windows 7. He's just using Zorin and running old XP licenses in virtual machines for any Windows software he needs.

  5. Yep, I believe this is a promo for Zorin, but well deserved! It's good to hear these stories. I install Zorin for newbe linux users because there is nothing better to ease them in! I hope Zorin stays on the path it is on and keeps improving and adding it's value added software. The people at Zorin are really helping to bring in new linux users!

    1. This is not direct promo of Zorin, but rather an article from the contest, which I ran together with Zorin team and Linuxaria. There's a link about the contest details at the bottom of the article.

  6. Yes I believe this is a Zorin promo. Mind you he's free to do that, imho this should be mentioned.
    I have a sony vaio VPCF234FD. This has an intel i7 and nvidia gpu. Zorin core 6 live was a real disaster. The desktop freaks out whenever I clicked on any menu items. It offered to disable compiz, to which I agreed. After that the destop became totally useless.
    This is the reason I think Zorin 6 is receiving such lavish praise.

    Running Linux Mint 13 KDE.

    1. Have you asked Zorin forum for a help with your particular hardware problem?

      Even if you did not do this, that's great you found the distro that suits you. That's the beauty of the Linux world.

  7. zorin doesn't work. maybe click here and there it's ok but not more than that.
    the only linux without major problems is xubuntu. after 4-5 hours of work like in 2001 with xp is possible to have a good system.
    i've tested 75 distros on hd not on sticks because is not the same thing and work means not click here and there.
    the anarchy, fragmentation an the proud of the most developers prevents us from having a very good system because everybody can see that the potential is extremly high.