17 Jul 2012

Everything works out of the box in Zorin!

Zorin OS is an operating system designed to make the "Gateway to Linux". This is because it has a familiar Windows interface, complete with panel customizations, start menu, and even a Look Changer to change the Windows style.

Everything works out of the box in Zorin! All the applications you will ever need is available.

Zorin OS is much faster than Windows and supports more devices without you even having to install drivers!

If Zorin will not run great on your vintage PC, the Lite edition may bring that box back to life.

Zorin is safe and secure, being naturally immune to Windows viruses, spyware, malware and etc.

Many of the software is free unlike Win and Mac, those being available in the Software Center.

Zorin is customizable, you can change the background, the theme, desktop effects and even the boot splash!

Zorin also have available premium version, as a gift of donating to the project. Overall, Zorin is the Ultimate operating system, for anyone. Newbies, Average users and Experts. You can get it today at http://zorin-os.com.

Why do I use Linux?

I love it's speed and flexibility. I can use the distros on any PC, and change effects, themes, anything I want to my will. I really like the time and quality built into making these distros for us (the general public).

I also love the communities of many distros, they are so nice and helpful! The overall thing I'm trying to state is, Why wouldn't I? I don't have to spend hundreds on an operating system when I can get many of those tasks with Linux.

How did I come to the Linux world?

You can thank PCWizKid on YouTube. In 2009, I really was a Windows/Mac guy, but when I saw his review of Ubuntu 9.10, it made me wonder. A different OS that's free! I later began to saw reviews comparing Windows 7 with Snow Leopard and Ubuntu. All the facts got me interesting and I wanted to try it out.

Although I've seen the installation of Ubuntu, the partitioning freaked me out the most. So to keep it safe, I used Wubi.

It went moderately well, and when I finally booted into Linux for the first time, I was so happy. The animations was smooth, the speed was incredible, Software Center was very nice and everything I loved about it.

Because I was using it on a fairly new PC though, it did have problems. The important being it would Kernel panic after an amount of time, but of course I didn't know that this was the equivalent of a BSOD, so I just remained by it, LOL. After all, it only had a cursor bliking at the top, none of the usual blah. I would usually remove Ubuntu and read it with Wubi, until Ubuntu 10.04.

I started using 9.10 a month before Lucid came out, and when the LTS arrived, I set one of the very important challenges I did then, I wanted to partition. So I downloaded the ISO and when the burned disc booted, I was amazed I made it that far. Now of course I used a guide for dualbooting, but eventually it worked and I was hooked.

I loved the new purple theme and improvements of the version. Although the Panic issue was gone now, an issue arose when my WiFi would drop out randomly. But I still stood by it's side.

I then looked up info about Ubuntu and found out about Linux and distros, and I tried my first distro other than Ubuntu with openSUSE 11.2 (11.3 was coming out in a few days).

Since then, I began to use Linux fulltime. I now use Arch with KDE and GNOME and like to use Ubuntu as my second distro. 

But I knew about all this when was little.

You see, I liked computers when I was 4, and when I was 6 I would look on the Wikipedia and remember seeing screenshots of GNOME and Linux. Then I thought just about the foot because I like it, but I though the GNOME 2 desktop with the grass background and thought it looked sorta weird, yet fresh. 

It's hard to describe it. I also liked the penguin of course! So I knew about Linux all along, I just didn't realize it. Sorry this was so long, It's really a long back story. :)

What do I like here?

Out of anything, it's the communities. Those people dedicate their time and skills to help people out and pitch in development. Sending ideas, Responding to issues, I just love them. They are usually great people to chat with too, so their not just tech savvy. A distro wouldn't be anything without people.

What am I doing to promote Linux?

I would just randomly ask people if they wanted to use my computers if they was broken or something. Then they would get awed in it's amazement!
  • My Mom asked how did I get the Unity launcher, and I'd say with Ubuntu.
  • My aunt asked what OS I was using, and I would reply Fuduntu at that time.
  • My friends would love how fast and elegant it is, and of course the Cube that always gets em'! 
So far I put Ubuntu on my grandpa's and Zorin on my Mom's computers. 

I also like to make artwork for Linux, mainly KDE. I am currently working on becoming a developer, hopefully people will like and contribute to my apps and technology. :)

This is a guest post by Ryan Johnson, which took part in the joint Zorin OS contest.


  1. You do us all a great service, and I for one would thank you much. Linux is my thing and most especially the easier
    to use Zorin and some of the better Ubuntu re-mixers..

  2. I have tried a lot of Linux distros, and Zorin is the easiest, and best out of the box of any I have tried. It just works. If you do have problems, the Forum is one of the nicest, friendliest, with technically sound moderators. I recommend it for anyone, new or an old hand at Linux.

  3. All the applications you will ever need ARE available.

  4. Um, I highly doubt everything works out of the box. I've tried a LOT of Linux distributions over the past few years including Zorin OS and very few of them come with Nvidia and ATI proprietary graphics drivers already installed. In fact, I'm pretty sure when I installed Zorin onto a machine I had that ran Nvidia graphics, I had to install drivers for it. Also, some wifi adapters and printers require driver installations. However, it is true that a lot of hardware works out of the box in Linux.

    1. Everything worked out of the box for me. I did not say for everyone. I understand there are hardware issues with some manufacturers. My only difficulty was the Gnome screensaver. I could not shut down the lock function, which I did not want. The forum how-to showed me how to install xscreensaver and solved my problem. The other problem I encounter was with an update of zram swap enabler. It broke my package manager and being a newbie was a difficult fix, though I managed with the help of the forrm and then removed the offending program. Otherwise not a problem since installation. Zorin core 5.2

  5. been running dual boot win7/zorin6 for about a while now.
    gaming is still kinda slow in zorin, but hell.. steam works and i can play L4D HL2 etc full graphics ~60FPS..thats respectable.