9 May 2012

New design of buylinuxcds.co.uk site

Apart from running this blog, I also run site www.buylinuxcds.co.uk.
This is kind of commercial arm of this blog. Buy Linux CDs site allows you to order disks with your favourite distributions, if you cannot create them by yourself for whatever reason.

buylinuxcds.co.uk was initially hosted on Yola, but term of the hosting ended. As a result, I decided to move the site to another hosting provider, and to another platform. The move has been recently completed.
Now buylinuxcds.co.uk runs on Free Open Source content management system Joomla! with  FatFreeCart as shopping widget.

I would appreciate if you can check new design of Buy Linux CDs site and tell me anything you have noticed wrong there. You can either use comments here, or Contact form on the site.

And, of course, I would appreciate if you share the knowledge about this site with your friends who might be interested in getting CDs with Linux distributions.

Many thanks, my dear readers!


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