8 Sept 2011

New format of guest post

Приветствую всех читателей журнала User and Linux, зашедших на мой блог. Буду рад видеть вас здесь многократно. Для этих целей можете воспользоваться одним из многих вариантов подписки на обновления - все они перечислены в правом столбце.
Тем, кто недостаточно владеет английским языком для чтения блога в оригинале, рекомендую пользоваться функцией автопереводчика все в том же правом столбце.

Have you ever seen my guest posts? Looks like I made quite a few already and one of them very recently.
But this time I made my guest post in quite different manner. This is publication in real magazine.
Unfortunately for most of you, this magazine is not published in English. It is User and Linux magazine and it is published in Ukraine in Russian language. If you understand Russian, you can get paper copy of this magazine or read electronic version of it. If not, don’t despair and read on, I still have something for you.
I have 2 articles published in #13.
September is traditionally a start of school year in ex-USSR countries, and lots of press puts school-related articles in September. User and Linux is not an exception.
Articles which I published there are about school theme too. They are about Alt Linux which is widely used in Russian schools. Actually, they are not “brand new” articles. Both of them have been previously published on this blog.

  • Give me 5!” (page 26 in electronic copy of magazine) was my own review of Alt Linux KDE Desktop.
  • Fate of second article is more interesting. Low-spec computer: Alt Linux vs Windows 7 Ultimate was initially guest post by Sergey Trenin in my blog based on Sergey’s post in Alt Linux forum. I adapted that forum post again for paper publication for the User and Linux (page 28 in electronic copy).

So, my dear readers, you’re welcome to read Russian version of my articles, as well as re-read existing English posts. Choice is yours!


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