13 Sept 2011

15 Most popular posts (of this blog)

There are about 140 posts in this blog now.
You know that some of those posts are interesting, some are just boring. I admit it, not every post was a great success.
So, what is the most successful post? I was also interested in this question. That's why I made a little analysis.
What was methodology?
  1. I extracted all the information from statistics page of Blogger.
  2. I excluded posts published less than 30 days ago. This is to exclude seasonal wave brought by publishing of posts on resources like LinuxToday, LXer and Tuxmachines.
  3. I divided number of visits to number of days since post was published.
As a result, I got table with average number of visits per day. Obviously, most visited post is the most popular.
So, now let me introduce you the top 15!

Average views per day Post title
161.22 Fedora 15 with GNOME 3: better than Ubuntu 11.04 with Unity
128.94 3 Linux Apps for Converting Videos
117.40 6 wonders of CentOS 6.0
97.85 What is your best favourite KDE distro?
82.64 Fedora 15 KDE: When New Old Is Better Than New New…
71.40 Mageia-cal Win Over Humanity
70.27 4 disappointments from OpenSuSE 11.4
70.15 Good Bye, Kubuntu!
61.90 Knoppix 6.4: can you spot the difference?
61.05 4 Terribly Easy Steps To Move Away From Unity In Ubuntu 11.04
58.07 9 Steps To Happiness in Linux Mint XFCE
57.16 Mageia: Is It A Kind Of Magic?
56.69 5 things I like in Ubuntu 11.04 (Unity) and 10 things I don't
51.61 Fighting with Ubuntu 11.04 (Unity)
49.10 Firefox 5 release: new speed, same illness (quick review)

As you can see from the table, absolute leader is the post about the freshest release of Fedora: Fedora 15 with GNOME 3. Another spin of Fedora 15 KDE is also interesting to many readers.
Other interesting operating systems for the readers are Ubuntu (3 posts in the list), Mageia (2) and Linux Mint XFCE (2).

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Have you read any of the posts mentioned above? Which of them do you find the most interesting for yourself?


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