17 Jul 2011

+1 is here!

Have you heard of +1?
Sure you have!
If you have not, here is explanation of what it is.
+1 is your way to show other Internet users that something interesting is on the page. When you "+1" the page, it will be marked on Google search results so people can understand that and find interesting content.
Do you find content of this site interesting? Then "+1" it! You can find "+1" button under each post, next to your usual "Like" of "Tweet" buttons.
Just do it! Just +1 it!
Do you want to +1 this post? Here is the button!
...and you can still find it below the post, on its usual place.


  1. Yep, Google Plus is pretty sweet. Facebook competitor indeed.

  2. @Icechen1:
    Sorry, I did not mean Google Plus. I cannot take part in it.
    This time I actually meant "+1" service.

  3. Installing these +1 buttons was pretty easy, and according to Google may improve page rankings. The code is simple and involves sticking two short pieces of code into your page. 1) a script tag in the head section 2) a call to the script at the location where you would like the +1 button to appear. Fairly simple.

  4. @Kenneth Niebling:
    Thanks for letting me know how to install +1 button.
    It is already here, so you can imagine I have done this successfully.