15 Mar 2011

3 "Thank You" And Voting Results

This is time now to announce results of the voting which took place between 3 and 17th of March 2011.
The question was
Would you like to get a copy of this blog to browse off-line?
And the results of voting are shown below.

I want to say "Thank you" to:

  1. Everyone who voted. You are active users, not just passive readers.
  2. For those you can read blog on-line or wants to read it off-line. You are interested in what I am doing for you.
  3. For the person who does not like my blog. At least, you can honestly tell that.

As you can see, more people prefer to have constant on-line access to my blog than to have off-line backup version.
Anyway... For those who voted for off-line file, you can contact me (via e-mail or comments to this post) and I will cater file specifically for you. With my pleasure!
If you do not need whole site, but only need to get specific post(s) in PDF version, I can recommend Free online URL to PDF Converter. I tried different converters available in the Internet, and this one worked like a charm. Others had some issues.

New poll is now on. The question is "What is the most interesting part of this blog?
Please vote. Results will be announced in a months, on the 17th of April 2011.

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