2 Feb 2011

Guests and Visits

Do you like visits? Do you like guests? What do you like more?
Personally, I enjoy both.
And not only in my house.
My blog also likes guests. Do you want to be my guest author? If yes, you are welcome to contact me, either in comments or by e-mail.
But for the beginning I made a visit to another blog and left a note there. Quite lengthy post, I should admit.
So, let me introduce my guest posting at Go2Linux blog: Where 3 times 3 is 8.


  1. Long post indeed, but a great one DarkDuck.

    Thanks for being a guest at Go2Linux, you will always be welcome again.

  2. I Like This Post !!

    Great post

    I don't Like guests in my house..but i like them in my blog :D

  3. Hi Darkduk,
    You asked at the Kubuntu forum that I might post my comment on Koffice in your blog or at Go2Linux. Since the request was specifically from you I will post it here.

    You made a couple of very nice write ups about office programs and Koffice in particular.

    I would comment on two of your comments and add a third about Kpresenter and compatibility with, ultimately MS ppt.

    The comment about Koffice "layout" being "confusing" is a word that I have seen used quite often in reviews.

    And, yes, indeedy, I was "confused" at first using Koffice because of the layout.

    I "wanted" to use Koffice for quite a while but didn't because of "compatibility problems". When the compatibility with OO was resolved (don't know what version) I sat down to really "use" Koffice and discovered that the whole "panel on the side" thing works very well for me for one really big reason.

    For the particular uses that I have there is a greatly reduced amount of "mouse movement".

    By that, I mean, that the panel to the right allows one to "swing the mouse" to the right to do most functions that are used a lot as opposed to moving "up and to the left" across the whole "window".

    For me, this is a GREAT advantage because I do so much word processing and my hands get numb.

    I've written on this at other places and had people comment: "well, you can move the panels and bars wherever you want even with MS products."

    I agree, but the "integration" of things is, to me, "cumbersome".

    Koffice seems, to me at least, to have put a lot of thought into the layout and the "integration" of things so that they work well and even better, are very "snappy" in response.

    So....yes you are spot on in your comment, the layout is, indeed confusing at first.

    b) the comment about not having much working room in the word processor window when you rearranged stuff.

    Yes, I OFTEN run across that when I am working in several windows the big panel to the right "gets in the way" when multiple windows are open. I tend to use the wordprocessor on the left side of the screen so that the other windows can "lay over it".

    c) A comment on exporting(saving as) Koffice presenter files to MS Office ppt.

    The real TRICK is to keep the slides VERY SIMPLE.

    And that is the real trick to a "presentation" no matter what system is used.

    Most teachers I have seen just jam all of their lecture notes onto the slides and the students have to deal with miles and miles of text on a display rather than an overhead projector.

    The POINT of a "presentation" is that there is ONE idea on the slide, with maybe a sub idea, and a relevant image of some kind and then the teacher "lectures" ...."around" the information.

    One almost cannot go from a MS ppt to OO and then Kpresenter and cannot at all go from MSppt directly to Kpresenter.

    All that will be left is possibly the text. Everything else will be gone.

    What I do is:

    a) start with Kpresenter and have: i) one image ii) one large(paragraph head type thing) sentence and iii) one or two(possibly) smaller sentences. I do not "bullet".

    b) This then easily saves to OO Impress with no formatting problems.

    c) this then easily saves to .ppt or .pptx.

    I know, there are those who say that the woodsmoker is probably OCD about this, but it is my little effort to advocate FOSS.

    In about half, maybe, of my presentations I use a "Koffice" background so that the students can often "see the words" and maybe consider using Linux/etc.

    woodsmoke from Kubuntu forums