12 Jan 2011

Unexpected Behavior of Old Tux

This post will not bother you for long. I'll be short this time.
Slitaz is one of the favorite distros of K.Mandla, which is famous for his adherence to old systems... At least from previous millennium!
Should I try it myself? Yes, for sure!
Slitaz is very easy to download. Even if you don't have broadband connection, it is not difficult to get it. It weights only 30Mb. Yes! This Tux lives in a very small box. And that's why I will not put it for sale in my "Buy Linux CDs" page.
So, CD-RW is recorded and inserted into my Compaq laptop. Reboot. Choose to boot from CD. Let's go!

Slitaz 3.0 does not take much time to boot. Unsurprisingly for such a small size.
Surprise was in another place... This time Tux did not find driver for my... grapic card! Yes, I was not able to start X on Compaq laptop! Very unexpected results! I can understand issues with WiFi card, with audio, but not with graphic card! Small disappointment, errgh!
Fine. Compaq is not the only laptop I have access to. Another one is newer Toshiba. Let's introduce Slitaz Tux to it. Will they make friends?
CD-RW inserted into Toshiba's drive, reboot, choose to boot from CD, let's go again!
This time I was more lucky. Yes, Slitaz started X on Toshiba. Surprise surprise! But rest was not surprise at all. Realtek's WiFi card was not the Slitax's strongest part.
Slitaz can be run in several languages. You can start it in half a dozen of languages, including Russian. But there is no option to switch layouts or even type in Russian. Maybe it is well-hidden in configuration files? But definitely that is not an option in Live version.
So, Linux world is still full of wonders for me! You can expect unexpected anywhere! Old computer is not supported by old Linux, while newer hardware works without this issue. What will be next? Who knows? Let's look at it together! Subscribe to my blog and you will be first to know. Links are on your right.

Useful links:
http://www.slitaz.org/ - official site


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