10 Dec 2010

Eppur si muove (And yet it moves)

I wrote at the very beginning that I have 2 laptops: Compaq approximately 4 years old, and Toshiba which will be 1 year old soon.
I do most of my experiments on Compaq one. This is playground and sandbox for all the Linuxes I try. But I also try to start live versions of Linuxes on Toshiba. So far, all the attempts  failed. Network cards, either WiFi or LAN, could not be recognised by any distributive.
I also have kind of web store for those who want to buy CDs with Linux on it. It is accessible via line Buy Linux CDs at the top of the page. In addition to that, I sometimes put similar items on eBay.
How all these thing linked? They were not linked, until once they all combined together into one nice solution!

I currently have 4 operating systems on my Compaq laptop: WinXP, Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Puppy Linux. Both *buntus were installed from official LTS 10.04 CDs which I ordered for free. Later they were updated to version 10.10.
Buyer came on eBay who ordered a CD with Ubuntu 10.10. That's my rule that before sending CD to buyer, I test that it works: you can boot computer from it, you can run programs (at least I make random run of a few). This time Ubuntu 10.10 disk was tested on Toshiba laptop.
And... Hiyaaaaa!
You might have already guessed... Otherwise I would not write this post...
Yes! Ubuntu 10.10 recognised WiFi card on Toshiba laptop! And it also gave me ability to connect to network using it! my home network was automatically found. All I had to do was to enter access code for it! And I run full-power Linux on my Toshiba for the first time! That's great news, isn't it?
Why have not I known that before, if I have Ubuntu 10.10 at home? Simply because it was not clear install, but upgrade from 10.04 version. I have never tried Ubuntu 10.10 in Live version before.
So, my buyer gets his CD. I am now confident that [at least one] Linux supports WiFi card for my laptop "out of the box".
What is next? Seems like... nothing. I will not hurry to install Ubuntu 10.10 on my Toshiba laptop. Simply because I am happy with Compaq one to be used as playground. All the Linuxes I tried so far run fast enough on it. Except for Mandriva. Why should I bother and switch to another computer then?


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