22 Nov 2010

Penguins on Racecourse

I wrote several times that I have several versions of Linux installed on my laptop.
If we have a team, let's make a competition!
So, racecourse is my laptop. Some Penguins are already living on hard disk, some will be running from CD, some will be running from USB drive.
Time will be counting from the time when GRUB selection is made (for HDD install) or from start of CD/USB boot selection in BIOS for those who start from there. If there are any requirements to enter any details in order to start system, time to make correct selection or type details is also taken into account.
Stopwatch will be stopped when computer is booted and ready for use, including WiFi connection made (where possible). If WiFi requires separate configuration (password entry etc), this time is also taken into account.
I know some of these assumptions makes competition unfair for CD/USB launched systems, but let it be this way.

Stopwatch is reset!
Ready! Steady! Go!

Here are results:

SystemBoot sourceTimeComments
Ubuntu 10.10 HDD 65 sec
Kubuntu 10.10 HDD 68 sec
Puppy 5.1.1 HDD frugal install 61 sec With KDE 3.5.12 which is not standard for Puppy
Damn Small Linux (DSL) CD 90 sec With SATA support, no network
Fedora 13USB 107 sec
SLAXUSB 70 sec

I will not include Windows XP boot time in the table not to scary anyone. To be honest, WinXP boot time was OK initially on naked system. Then it was significantly increased once additional software is installed, as this software silently adds startup services... That is Windows...

Once I have more systems tested, I will put them into the table, which is going to be published as separate page.

But for now you see the results... HDD startup time does differ much for different Linux distributives, being it fully functional Ubuntu or "pocket" targeted Puppy.


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