Do you like my blog? Do you like to win prizes? Either way, you have an opportunity to take part in contest.

Here are the rules.

Please answer following questions:
1) Three posts from my blog which you like most:

2) One post which you dislike most:

3)  Any comments and wishes, if you have one. This is optional.

To take part in contest, you need to:
1. Subscribe to this blog via e-mail. Registration form is in the right-top part of the page.
2. Send an e-mail to with your answers where "FROM" address is your subscription e-mail.
Closing date for your e-mails is 11.59pm (GMT) on 31st of January 2011.

How the winner will be chosen:
1. All the e-mail addresses with answers will be checked against list of subscribed e-mails on the 1st of February 2011. Please do not unsubscribe until you get an e-mail with results of contest to avoid any misnderstanding. Or better stay subscribed! ;-)
2. All e-mails will be placed into OpenOffice Calc list. One entry from each e-mail, except referrals (see below).
3. Winner will be chosen randomly using RANDBETWEEN function.
4. Two runner-ups will be chosen the same way.
Winner and runner-ups will be notified personally using e-mail they used for subscription. They will need to provide their postal addresses to get the prizes. Also their e-mails (in masked way) will be published in separate blog post announcing contest results.

Can you improve your chances to get the prize?
Yes, you can. In this case you need to recommend this blog to somebody else. This person should also take part in the contest, as described in relevant section above. After the main part of the e-mail, (s)he needs to specify "Referred by ..." and include your e-mail address. In this case both e-mail addresses will be included into the list, effectively increasing number of entries for your own e-mail.

What are the prizes:
1. Winner will get one Kingston Data Traveller 4GB USB drive and one CD with Linux distributive listed in Buy Linux CDs page. Winner will have an option to chose distributive.
2. Each runner-up will get one CD with Linux distributive listed in Buy Linux CDs page. Each runner-up will have an option to chose distributive.
Prizes will be sent via airmail (international) or second class (UK) mail.
If there are any import taxes or surcharges, winner has to pay it.
No cash alternative.
If winner or runner-up does not correspond to e-mails within 2 weeks after announcement, prize will be withheld. 

Other terms and conditions:
1. Contest is running by myself (DarkDuck).
2. There are no official sponsors for this contest.
3. My decision is last and binding to all parties.
4. All the communications regarding this contest should be in English only.
5. Contest terms and conditions can be amended any time, including but not limited to cancelling of contest.
6. No purchase necessary.
7. Spreadsheet with all the e-mails will be deleted once results are announced and will never be published.

Update 18/01/2011 4pm GMT: One more question in the list of required answers. All entries made prior to this time are still valid without this answer.
24/01/2011 11pm GMT: Previously added question is removed. It is obviously too difficult for you. Answer is "Russian". This was a language of few first posts. They are now removed after translation. To compensate, I will add 1 more chance to those who answered this question correctly.