1 Dec 2015

Christmas gift ideas for Linux fans

Are you a Linux fan? Or maybe you have some friends who prefer Linux to any other operating systems? Or maybe both?

You know that Christmas and New Year are not too far away from now. This is the time when people usually exchange presents. I would like to give you some ideas of presents that you may give to your friends from the Linux community, or may be request for yourself.

Let's start with some fun

Let's pretend you don't know what Ubuntu is. Then, this is for you: Ubuntu haircare accessories. You can buy them from Amazon in the UK or worldwide.

If you pretend that you don't know what Fedora is, then why not give your friends a fedora or two? Again, Amazon UK and worldwide sites may help.

Sabayon fans will be happy to get some pans to cook their favourite dish. Do they live in the UK or the rest of the world? The help is near!

Forever classic

If you don't want to play fool with your friends, then there are some classic gifts to your rescue:


Still unsure? Then choose a book! That's always a good present! There are many books about Linux available on either Amazon UK or global sites.

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