6 Oct 2015

Majority of Linux users still use Windows or MacOS

Linux noted from DarkDuck has recently run a poll for you, the readers. The question was about the "quantity and quality" of operating systems that you use. It is now the time to announce the results.

Are you ready?

There were 99 responses to the poll in total.

Majority of voters, more than one third, use two operating systems on their computer, one of them being a flavour of Linux and another - Windows or MacOS

Second place took Linux purists who only use one flavour of Linux. There were 16 of them.

And the third place was taken by the group of users who use Windows/MacOS along with two flavours of Linux. There were 12 of them.
Two - Windows/MacOS and Linux
One - Linux
Three - Windows/MacOS and several Linux flavours
Two flavours of Linux
Four - Windows/MacOS and several Linux flavours
Three flavours of Linux
Four flavours of Linux
One - Windows or MacOS

If we look at the results from a different point of view, then I can tell you that only about one third of the voters are Linux purists and do not use any other non-free operating system. At the same time, two thirds of the users still use Windows or MacOS for some reasons.

Linux 36
Windows 61

The total of this table is less than total number of voters, because I removed the "Other" option from the count – their status was not clear enough. They would not make much difference anyway.

Shall we run a similar poll in a year’s time and see how things are changing?


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