24 Jun 2015

Mageia 5 KDE: quick screenshot tour

Mageia 5 is a distribution that many people where waiting for. Initially scheduled for November 2014, it was finally released on the 19th of June 2015.

Let's have a look at this distribution with a quick screenshot tour. This is not intended to be a full-scale review, just a quick glance.

Boot sequence of Mageia 5 is not different to several previous versions, and it is inherited from Mandriva. Once booted, you get to the default desktop with deep-blue wallpaper and welcome window on it.
Mageia 5 boot screen

Internet tools have multiple applications in Mageia 5. Among them, there are browser Firefox 31.7, knetattach network folder manager and Konversation IRC client.
Mageia 5 Internet tools
Keyboard layout configuration in Mageia 5 KDE is standard for KDE4. The only thing that I must note there is that window size is not properly aligned to the content. Layout configuration is actually not the only place where you can notice that.
Mageia 5 keyboard layouts
Mageia 5 KDE comes with VLC multimedia player. It means that you can listen to music or watch videos straight out of the box.
As for flash videos, there is a difficult situation. You can watch videos directly on YouTube, but not in embedded pages.
Mageia 5 multimedia
Mageia 5 KDE comes with LibreOffice in full mode, including Math and Base applications. There are other office tools too, for example Okular PDF viewer.
Mageia 5 Office tools
Kscreenshot is a standard screenshot tool in Mageia 5 KDE. It would be much more difficult to prepare this post without it. Other than that, distribution includes Gwenview, GIMP and some other tools for work with graphics.
Mageia 5 graphical tools
What else? You probably need to download Mageia 5 KDE yourself and check. If you cannot prepare a disk yourself, then why not use a service from BuyLinuxCDs.co.uk?


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