23 Apr 2015

Xubuntu 15.04: quick screenshot tour

The 23rd of April 2015 was the date when Canonical released the set of their new operating systems: Ubuntu 15.04 family. It includes Ubuntu itself, Ubuntu MATE and GNOME editions, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Lubuntu and so on.

Let's make a quick tour through Xubuntu 15.04 and check how it looks like. So, my laptop is booted from the live DVD of Xubuntu 15.04.

Let's go!

First of all, here is the default desktop that meets the user when he starts the Live session of Xubuntu 15.04. You can see the default wallpaper with Xfce's mouse in the center, and a number of icons including shortcuts to disk's partitions.
Xubuntu 15.04 start screen
Top part of the screen takes the panel, where you can find a set of standard icons on the right and a menu button on the left. Click the button and here is what you see:
Xubuntu 15.04 menu
Office section of the menu in Xubuntu 15.04 includes a number of productivity tools, including lightweight GNOME Office applications Gnumeric and Abiword.
Gnumeric and Abiword in Xubuntu 15.04
There are not that many applications in the Internet section of the menu: Firefox browser, Thunderbird email client, Transmission torrent client and Pidgin messenger.
Xubuntu 15.04 Internet tools
Keyboard settings and the way how you configure different keyboard layouts in Xfce have not changed for many releases of Xfce and Xubuntu.
Xubuntu 15.04 configuration of keyboard layouts
If default wallpaper is not what you like, Xubuntu 15.04 comes with a set of alternatives. If this set is not good, you can get more from online resources, for example my Flickr page.
Xubuntu 15.04 wallpapers
Do you like the new Xubuntu 15.04 release? You can order your own disk with this operating system, and many more, from the BuyLinuxCDs.co.uk site. It will be posted to you to any place in the world.


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