26 Mar 2015

Zorin OS: Can I keep it, please?

"Dad, my windows are broken."

Oh, no! What has he been up to now? Playing football in the garden again? I better go and have a look. There was no glass on the carpet; no damage to be seen at all.

"What are you on about, son? Winding me up again?!"

It turned out that there had been an automatic update, and the sound no longer worked, and his favourite game wouldn't run at all. Worse, he couldn't connect to the Internet, which he needed to do in order to upload his homework for marking.

As it happened, I had just been testing Zorin OS 8 on a USB stick, on my own laptop. I loved the way Zorin Look Changer can make your computer look like what you might be used to at work, or on your own machine – XP, 2000, 7 (and even OS X, if you use the Ultimate version). The range of software that is included is amazing, too – games, office stuff, apps that let you edit photographs and even video. There are heaps more, but the list would be too long to include here.

"Right, son. Why not have a go with this?"

We plugged in the USB stick and re-booted into a live session. Quick to boot, and solid as a rock while running. Found the WiFi network straight away, and Chrome was our default window to the Web. Youtube ran nicely and Steam worked perfectly.

"How about the sound, son – working OK?" - I asked.

"Sure, dad. This is pretty cool. Can I keep it, please?"

Looks like there's another convert to Zorin OS.

This is a guest post by Clive Nodder, which took part in the joint Zorin OS contest.


  1. ...and what about his favourite game???

    1. Even Microsoft sees the writing on the wall now. Windows 10 "last version".

      So do the game vendors.

    2. "Writing on the wall" ? I doubt it. To paraphrase Twain, any news of Microsoft's imminent demise is exaggerated. They're still the 800 pound gorilla in the room, and will be for a lo-o-ong time.