18 Sept 2014

A Linux love story with real love and romance

My first encounter with Linux occurred about ten years ago when I used to enjoy reading software magazines. I was about 14 at that time. Loving to put in practice everything I was learning from those magazines, I downloaded my first Linux distribution: Ubuntu! I really can't remember which version, but if I look in some old boxes I'm sure I will find the CD I used to install it.

I loved it but my parents that needed to use very often the only PC in the house got quickly tired of the dual boot start page and they asked me to get rid of it. That is how my first experience with the Linux world came to an end. It was quite painful but I never forget the good moments.

In February 2014 something wonderful happened: my girlfriend talked to me about how she was worried to get rid off her old Windows XP PC. That is the moment! Without thinking twice I said: "You know what? There is a way to keep your old PC. Give me some time and I will show you how!"

So, turned on by old passions I dedicated my free time to find which Linux distribution was the easiest to use for a forever Windows XP user. And there I found Zorin OS. It gave me the same feelings that Ubuntu gave me when I was 14.

I downloaded Zorin OS and started using it. I simply loved it. I started again to use the terminal, I learned again, I even searched and coded a little to add to my free version the Zorin Background Plus effect. The result is close to the Zorin Background Plus of the paid version.

I was so happy. I went to my girlfriend's house and during a Sunday afternoon I introduced her to this amazing distribution. She was really excited. By installing it on her old PC I made her feeling like a little computer genius. Sometimes it is so easy to make people happy.

She started talking to all her family about Zorin OS. She was so passionate that she convinced some of her relatives to use it. She is from southern Italy and there what members of family say is taken in great consideration.So I met cousins I didn't know she had and I installed Zorin on their old PCs.

Now I'm the tech guy of her family! Even if I'm just a normal guy with not such big computer skills!

Zorin OS had an amazing impact on my relationship. I'm now really well accepted by my girlfriend's family. For an Italian girl this is quite important. They like me and my girlfriend is so so proud of me. Her family already asked me to update all their Zorin version and I'm willing to do it as soon as I can.

I love Zorin OS. I feel so grateful to it. My relationship couldn't work better than now. Love you guys for the amazing work you are doing. Hope you never stop.

This is a guest post by Guillaume Tosi, which took part in the joint Zorin OS contest.


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