11 Mar 2014

Recommended reading for Linux beginners

Linux popularity increases every day. That’s the fact we all face. More and more people come to the Linux world. It means that more and more people become interested in the beginners-level information about Linux.

I have recently published a guest post with a video introduction into Linux world from CBT Nuggets. It became really popular.

Today I want to let you know about some other resources that may help Linux beginners.

First of all, this is an article by Dedoimedo about installation of Ubuntu next to Windows 7. It claims to be valid for Windows 8 too. You don’t know who Dedoimedo is? Then you can read his interview.

Second, in case you prefer a book rather than blog article, Linux Blog Book Shelf is at your disposal – just look at the sidebar of any page of the blog!

This time round I’d like to specifically draw your attention to the book "From Windows to Ubuntu" by Gary Newell, my fellow blogger who posted some guest posts on this blog as well. You can get this book from Amazon US or UK.

I hope you will enjoy your reading!

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