9 Jul 2013

Another level taken: 700 subscribers

I am not sure whether I should be proud, or I should be embarrassed.

The number of subscribers to this blog continues to grow rapidly after I stopped writing much of the content for it. As I've written just 2.5 months ago, most of the content of this blog is currently written by yourselves, my dear readers. I mean guest posts, of course.

Just 2.5 months ago I announced that the number of subscribers reached 600. And today.. It's over 700!

I should admit that 700 limit was not reached today for the first time. It was above 700 level as well on the 26th of June - exactly 2 months after the previous announcement. Unfortunately, I could not fix that achievement that time, and I had to wait for another 2 weeks. Not a big deal.

Anyway, thank you to all the subscribers who follow Linux notes from DarkDuck! I appreciate your support and your interest! I'll keep this blog alive!

And, if you are interested, please feel free to contact me with ideas of your own guest articles, or maybe ideas for my own Linux- and FOSS-related posts.


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