14 Mar 2013

From US Soldier to IT Manager... with Linux Mint

During my earlier years, I was in the US military as an enlisted soldier. Money was extremely tight for my wife and I, but I had a passion for computers.

I couldn't afford a new system, and certainly couldn't afford to pay for Microsoft Windows. So, I purchased a used computer from a yard sale that had no operating system on it.

A friend gave me a Linux Mint (version 6) CD-ROM, and I installed it on the system. Since then, I have tried many different operating systems on many different computers. 

I now own a tech services store and am IT manager for two businesses. We use Linux Mint at work, at the store, and promote it with our customers daily. 

Although I dabble with many different Linux distributions, nothing comes close to matching Linux Mint.

From freedom came elegance. From elegance came stability, reliability, and usability.

This is a guest post by David Bowlin, which won the 2nd prize in the Linux Mint contest where the main prize was the book Linux Mint System Administrator’s Beginner’s Guide. David received the second  prize: a disk with his favourite distribution Linux Mint Cinnamon from Buy Linux CDs.


  1. That is a wonderful success story. As an old veteran, I am always glad to hear news of my brothers' and sisters' successes. I am also glad when I hear someone has become successful with Linux.

    Your website is wonderful. Keep up the good work. Thank you.

  2. Congrats on everything. I started with Linux Mint... I think it was 6 as well, soon after I got out of the AF. Your story sounds quite familiar ;) Keep up the good work!

  3. Congrats! Linux is a great way for a person who doesn't have a lot of money to buy training or expensive software and simply wants to learn computing. I also used Linux to learn Unix commands, back when I was a student and couldn't afford MS products and IT training. Now, I am a UNIX admin. I still use and promote Linux as well. Awesome story!