12 Jul 2012

Why Linux Has Been an Attention Getter Lately

Always a popular operating system, Linux has been getting a lot more buzz lately. All of this new news has helped to propel Linux operating systems to the public eye, and awareness of this system’s existence is now starting to spread beyond technology enthusiasts and computer coders.

Raspberry Pi

The bulk of the new news has to do with the Raspberry Pi foundation and their upcoming release of the incredibly small Raspberry Pi PC.
In an attempt to bring lessons about computer science to more students, particularly those in the third world and other underdeveloped areas, the foundation is releasing a very small, credit card sized computer with an incredibly low price tag. These computers are priced at $25 for the Model A and $35 for the Model B. While there are some differences between the two computers, they have a lot in common, and one of the main things that these PCs share is a Linux operating system.
Using the Linux system as well as the Python programming language, these computers are designed to foster innovation, learning, and exploration. Linux helps to create a more "classic" configuration that allows students to tinker and experiment, making this computer more fully customizable to students as they learn how to code and begin to delve into the ins and outs of computer programming.

A new OS

An update to the Linux operating system has also been making some waves in the tech community. Ubuntu Linux 12.04 “Precise Pangolin” was recently released in its final format. The final version of this newest Linux product is available to the general public since late April.
While this new version of Ubuntu Linux has much in common with previous models, there are some upgrades. Rich with new features, there have even been some major improvements that have been worked in since the first beta version was released.
There are many things that have been getting Linux enthusiasts excited, but the power savings that this new version offers have been appealing to many.
Additionally, the new Ubuntu Linux 12.04 “Precise Pangolin” offers more language support and is released with the newest version of LibreOffice, one of the most popular office suites.


Canonical’s Ubuntu Linux has been getting a lot of recent press attention because it has a lot that is going on. As many Linux enthusiasts will be quick to tell you, Linux is a great system, and many would even call it superior to other competing operating systems.
It is probably exciting to many to see that Linux is getting so much great attention.
With the new update to the operating system as well as involvement with Raspberry Pi, Linux is just getting more attention and even more press attention.
This seems to be a great trend, and there is hope that more and more people were learn about Linux and the good news will just keep on coming.

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  1. 12.04 isn't "a new OS", it's just yet another version of an existing one. And I don't really see the incredible new software it comes packaged with..