19 Jun 2012

Zorin OS 6 quick screenshot tour

This is an unusual post for me.
I rarely put many images on my articles. Most of my blog items are prose.

Today I let myself to be different. This is a quick screenshot tour to the freshly released Zorin OS 6 Core.

Freshly booted Zorin OS 6 with desktop image
and System monitor
The default desktop image in Zorin OS 6 Core is blue-themed picture with stripes.
The freshly booted system takes about 290 Mb of memory.

Zorin OS 6 uses GnoMenu as a main menu tool.
Taskbar in the middle of the panel uses the Windows7 style by default, with large icons for applications. Active application is highlighted. Unfortunately, no other styles are available in the Live version of Zorin OS 6. You need to install the system first in order to get other styles available.
Notification area
The notification area and the menu button are separated from the taskbar with nicely designed curves. The items on the notification area are in white-grey-green theme.
Desktop cube
Desktop cube works in Zorin OS 6 Core out of the box.
Zorin OS 6 comes with GIMP 2.8, which has a single-window mode.
Rhythmbox is the default media player in this operating system.

I hope you have enjoyed this quick tour. Wait for more detailed review in the nearest future. Stay tuned!

If you want to try Zorin OS 6 yourself, then why not order the Core edition from the Buy Linux CDs site? Ultimate version is available from the official site.


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