21 Feb 2012

Do you want a career in Linux world?

Many people still think that Linux is only an operating system, which you can use on your desktop or laptop computer. This is simply not true. The fact is that GNU/Linux distributions like Debian, RedHat, Ubuntu, Fedora, OpenSuSE and others are only part of the Linux world. Big part, but still only a part.

Another fact, Linux is only a kernel which runs in the heart of the operating system. And this kernel can run on multitude of different platforms. This includes the devices, which we don’t consider to be computers at all. Example? Let’s start with most widely known. Look at any Android smartphone or tablet. Yes, Linux kernel runs inside of it.

But Google’s Android operating system is not the only place. Amazon Kindle? Are you surprised, but Linux runs in it too.

Even less obvious place is… TomTom! If you don’t know what TomTom is, I need to tell you. This is a small device, which has one main feature: to navigate you through almost any place in the world. It has built-in GPS module, screen, maps and little computing module to calculate your route from point A (for example, your location) to point B. Once route is calculated, it will guide you through. In the mean time, it will show you points of interest, play you an audiobook or do lots of other related stuff. As you may already have guessed, TomTom devices use Linux.

And, of course, where Linux kernel is used by device, the manufacturing company requires lots of people with knowledge of Linux to work on development, testing and servicing of devices. TomTom is not an exception. That’s why the company created a specially dedicated site Tom TomJobs where they hire people for different sorts of roles. In particular, there is a plenty of roles for Linux/Unix/Java developers, testers and so on.

Lots of recent studies, and here is just one example, show that demand on Linux/Unix-related roles is growing. That's why the role of the sites offering the roles will only increase.

Generally speaking, TomTom is a Dutch company with headquarters in Amsterdam. But they now have global presence. Because of that, TomTom has offices all around the Globe, from Australia to USA, from Russia to South Africa, making it 30 countries worldwide. It means that you’re likely to find the role you want in a location close to you.

Interested? Then what are you waiting for? Follow the link, and this may be a kick-start to next round of your career development!


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