24 Dec 2011

Half a Million

When I have started this blog, I did not know how long it would continue.
Neither I knew how popular it would become.
Just to give you some flavour. 
  • There were only 341 pageviews in whole November 2010.
  • There were only 471  pageviews in whole December 2010.
  • And then, for a change, there were 5792  pageviews on the 12th of December 2011. The biggest number so far.
Do you feel the difference?
On average, there are more than 1500 pageviews per day now. More than whole year 2010 saw!
And today blog Linux notes from DarkDuck reached another important threshold. We have 500,000 (five hundred thousand) pageviews! Yes, that's half a million.
500 000
Great results, I think!
Thank you to all my readers who come here to get some more information about Linux distributions and Free open source software in general. Thank you for your support, tolerance and love!


  1. that is really appreciating and impressive. i too am a regular reader of your blog and i really like it. keep it up dude...