11 Oct 2011

The week of guest posts is over

Last week was not usual on this blog.
There were no articles written by myself specifically for my own blog.
Instead, you could enjoy articles by other authors who wrote for me, or my articles published elsewhere.
But the week is over. This is time now to finish.
And the final accord will be pretty similar to the one at the beginning.
If you remember, TechRepublic blog published my post a week ago: Six ways to use Linux Live CDs in your business. Today Guillermo Garron's blog published my post 4 Reasons to Have Live Linux at Home.
Welcome to read and enjoy!

Did you like the week of guest posting? Were articles published last week more or less interesting than usual content on this blog? Please leave your comments!


  1. Oh......dear it's over...i wasn't here...really wanted to post...:(

  2. @linuxthebest:
    The week of guest posts is over. But id does not mean I don't accept guest posts any more.
    You're more than welcome to write your article, and I will publish it here!

  3. Thanks DarkDuck....i will do some post in your site...Can i get the email address and the way of your guest posting...:)

  4. @linuxthebest: e-mail is in About Me page at the top.