13 Oct 2011

More prizes for the Birthday Competitions

Just over a week ago I announced a couple of competitions on this blog. They aim to be celebration of First Birthday.
Due to big success and number of participants, I'd like to increase number of presents which will be sent to winners.

Competition Number One. It is about logo for this blog branding.
Old prize was a book plus 1 Gb USB stick plus CD with Linux distribution.
New, upgraded, prize is book plus 8 GB USB stick plus CD with Linux distribution.
Book is any of your choice, from the Linux Blog Book Shelf, priced 20 GBP or less.

Competition Number Two. It is about your social activity.
Old prize was 8 Gb USB stick for winner and one 1 Gb USB stick for one runner-up.
New, upgraded, prize is 8 GB USB stick for winner and two 1 GB USB sticks for two runner-ups.
Of course, all winners and runner-ups receive free CDs with their favourite Linux distributions.
Just to remind you... In order to take part in Competition Number Two, you need to either like Facebook page, or send a tweet with text below (it is clickable for your convenience).
I like to read Linux notes from DarkDuck http://goo.gl/PLquM and Buy Linux CDs http://goo.gl/sWBak @linuxnote 
Competitions will close on 15th of October 2011, so please hurry up!


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