27 Oct 2011

Forum on this blog - to be or not to be?

I asked you, my readers, a question about a month ago:
Do you think that this blog needs a forum?

There was a voting in that post. It's time to announce results.

No, we have lots of other forums for Linux distributions    9
Yes, please create forum    8

Unfortunately, there is not enough support from readers to start another venture - DarkDuck Linux Forum. That's why I made a decision to put this project aside now.
I think comments are more than enough for this stage of blog life.

In the meantime... If anyone still wants to see the forum, and is ready to be its administrator and moderator, I will be more than happy to help with domain name, technical arrangements and so on.

Please leave your comments here if you agree or disagree with my position. Or if you volunteer to be forum administrator.


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