6 Sept 2011

Some bad news

Dear readers...
Unfortunately, there are some bad news I would like to share with you.

You might be aware that lots of my reviews were written on the basis of my own experience of running different Linux distributions.
I used laptop Compaq C300 as guinea pig for most of those experiments. This laptop is almost 5 years old now. At the same time, I have mentioned several times that changes are coming to my hardware. There was a reason for that.
Left hand side hinge was broken and periodically caused screen image to be unstable. This hinge has fully gone today. It means that I can't use laptop any more: screen is covered with lots of noise above the normal image.
What does it mean for you? That I can't get as many reviews now as I would like.
This blog will not stop. I still have something to tell you about. I will also try to use different hardware for my reviews.
But... in the meantime I will try to sort out my "guinea pig" laptop, in other words buy another one. If anyone in the UK has an option to donate or sell for reasonable price a laptop with decent hardware (close to the one of Compaq C300: Celeron M 1600 MHz, 1 Gb RAM, DVD-RW, 15.4" screen, WiFi enabled), I would appreciate your help. My contacts can be found on the "About me" page, or you can leave a comment here.
I don't tell you "Good bye!"
I tell you "I will see you soon!"


  1. Thats too bad, it's time to get another laptop.

  2. @Martik Panosian: there are some good news though. New laptop was ordered. Now need to wait for it to arrive.