30 Aug 2011

Getting the best out of your browser


A browser is a software which is used to extract information from the World Wide Web. The World Wide Web is a large database containing information about everything in a uniform and organized way. To get the best out of your browser includes using up its different features, ensuring that it is secure, easy and simple to use. It is important to maximize the accessibility features.
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The features

To optimize the use of your browser it is necessary to make sure that you are able to use all its features. This includes its spellcheck features, its search engine toolbar and its browser toolbar. It is also good to be familiar with its password, bookmark and download management features. The password management allows you to secure your identity. The bookmarker facilitates short cuts to favorites. Download managers view and download articles from a status bar. Spellcheck features give the ease of producing documents that are correct.


To get the best from your browser you should be familiar with the page zooming, the spatial navigation, the tabbed browser and the full text search. The status bar should always be visible and one should be able to know when a website is still been loaded. One should be able to open a link in a new tab and keep both pages open in the web browser. Multiply web pages are created when one does tabbed browsing. The Firefox toolbar can be customized. This can be done by adding, removing or rearranging items on the toolbar.
You can basically revamp your browser moving things around and using functions of add-ons. For example, look at the article which shows how you can make Firefox to look like Chrome.
It is important to remove unwanted files from the cache.This will speed up the rate of accessing information.You will also be able to download faster.

The user interface

It is vital to be familiar with the buttons about how to access information from the past and how to use the forward buttons. The reload button reloads current information and the stop button cancels the loading of resources. The address bar shows the current address that the user is in or the prompt for the address which the user intends to go to. The search bar in found in the top right hand of the Firefox browser.You can use Firefox toolbar to search most search engines.
The status bar is the box at the bottom of the browser. It shows the status of the website being loaded in a window.
The best use of a browser comes with practice of all its features, exploring its automatic updates, a good internet connection, customizing features that we want to add-on. This makes the browser fully functional and provides good performance. It is interesting to use a browser that you are familiar with.

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  1. I adore Google Chrome and I even can't imagine myself using another browser. Don't wanna abuse anyone, just expressing my point of view) IMHO, Chrome is the fastest and the most productive browser ever. I doubt if there will appear anything of the kind in the nearest time;)