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27 Jun 2011

This Blog Now Has PageRank = 4

Another week started with good news for me and for my blog.
Do you know what PageRank is?
Wikipedia says
PageRank is a link analysis algorithm, named after Larry Page and used by the Google Internet search engine... with the purpose of "measuring" its relative importance within the set.
Until now this blog had PageRank either "n/a" or "0", which meant site was not considered by Google as important.
Situation changed today.
This blog has PageRank = 4 now.
You can check yourself using Google's PareRank Checker.
Of course, this is not only me who deserve "Thank you" for this achievement. But also you. You like the blog, make visits, mention it on external sites and so on.
If anyone has anything to comment or congratulate, please feel free to leave your comments underneath!


  1. Congratulations Dmitry!
    My blog Page Rank changed from 2 to 4 too! Cheers...

  2. @Martik Panosian:
    Yes, I saw your changed PR too. Congratulations!

  3. Congratulations, and i join too, the happy PR 4 club ;)

  4. @Linuxaria:
    Great news! Seems like Google made major PR recalculation yesterday!

  5. @diehaushaltshilfen GmbH:

  6. boycottnovell has a pagerank of 7 and am imn trying to find out if its true and fell across this post while googling.

    congrats and cuntinued success.

  7. @Anonymous: thanks!
    Boycottnovell is part of bigger site techrights which can have even biggee PR. My site is independent.
    Boycottnovell is (almost) dead since Novell is dead. My site is just growing. Let's hope I'll get 7 or even 9 some time.
    This is you who can help by spreading awareness of my site across your contacts.

  8. Great tips, thanks, also maybe it'll help someone when needing to check website's page rank, social status or backlinks for a particular site ... is this web tool at http://domof.com, which also might help when checking website's daily progress etc.

  9. Congrats buddy :D.. i am visiting ur blog after a long tym now..gud to hear that it got a Page Rank.. :D

  10. Congratulations...I was actually looking for a really good PR checker, better than the one that pops up first on a Google search for it and ran across this post.

  11. Wow awesome! I wonder how I can do that for my website http://www.draculafacelift.com this is become so hard to do! Please help with ideas!

  12. @Anonymous:
    Original content, links from other sites, guest posts on other resources... all the usual tactics...

  13. Congratulations...I was actually looking for a really good PR checker, better than the one that pops up first on a Google search for it and ran across this post.Actually this blog is wonder full

  14. Congratulations for your better PR ranking. I too trying hard to get a PR from 3 to 4. Any Suggestions?

  15. @Rajandran R:
    work hard and hope for Google's will.

  16. I am sure it was a lot of work getting there, but you did your regular geeky thing and got it done! Congratulations on the status.