17 May 2011

Bad Chakras of DarkDuck

...or "God Loves Trinity"

There is Russian saying "God Loves Trinity". I don't know English analogue. This saying means that when you have something 2 times, you are very likely to get same for the 3rd time.
My recent experience with two versions of Linux from Southern America was not the best I ever had. Neither of two (Dragora and ImagineOS) started in Live mode on my system. Different reasons, same result.
What did I feel when I downloaded my next Tux from the Internet? It's hard to say. I wanted to get something light and useful, I believe. That's why my choice was for Chakra Linux. It is based on Arch, which makes it very likely to be easy and fast. I had experience with Arch-based distributive only once so far. It was CTK Arch, and it was Fast and Furious.
Chakra image weights just under 700 Mb, which makes it easy to burn to CD-RW. Disk is ready and it is in the drive of my Compaq C300 laptop. Reboot. Choose to boot from CD. Let's go.

You should be probably confused by now. I gave so many different facts in few previous paragraphs, and they are loosely linked from the first sight.
Let me explain now why they are not so loosely connected between themselves.
Chakra Linux... did not boot from CD!
Black Screen of Boot
The only screen which I managed to get from my CD-RW was about loading the isolinux file. I waiting one minute... another... five minutes. And nothing happened.
If CD does not work, then it should be possible to use Unetbootin to "burn" iso image to USB. Unfortunately, not. Chakra Linux does not work with Unetbootin.
Do you think that my saying "God Loves Trinity" relates to the fact that Chakra did not boot at all? I was almost certain about this until I discovered the way to boot Chakra Linux in Live mode on my laptop. Third method worked. What was it?
I leave you here for guesses. Please post them in your comments. And please subscribe, because I will open this secret in my next post. Don't miss it!


  1. You forgot to press the enter key to continue :)

  2. Chakra is a project in Alpha stage. I too like unetbootin because I like to test what interests me in the distro world without burning dozens of cds I'll never use again, but unetbootin quite often doesn't work. Imagine that I couldn't get a big distro like opensuse (kde live cd AND full dvd) to boot through unetbootin. Installation through the actual cd failed while copying files to hdd, the dvd installation worked. Go figure...

  3. @Anonymous:
    Footnote of the site says "Copyright © 2006-2011 The Chakra Developers". If project is 5 years old, this is more than enough for Linux to mature.
    Also, I tried version 2011.04 which is "Stable Snapshot" as per information on site.

  4. @DarkDuck:
    Well if you had made it through to its installer (which also has some issues), the devs state “This is alpha software, it could eat your hamster.” They should put this at their website too.

  5. @Anonymous:
    No, I have not installed Chakra Linux. I only used Live mode. I'll publish my findings about it later today. Stay tuned!