5 Jan 2016

Linux-running car: can you feel me?

This is probably the least Linux related post on this blog... but still it has some words about Linux.

Tesla is one of the hottest discussion topics for few last years. Yes, this is a state-of-the art car that drives on electricity and offers you a pure pleasure... At least, that's what many reviewers and ads tell you.

I have had a chance to look inside this car and even sit in it. That's why I want to share my opinion on it.

Let's start with something that relates to Linux. That's the huge screen you see first when looking through the front door. Huge 17-inch touch panel is a user interface for the Linux-based computer system that controls the whole car. It is really impressive.

What also shocks you is that there are almost no buttons and switches in the car. Linux-running computer controls all the car systems through the giant panel.

Free Open Source Software rules this car! Can we say that?

That's what I saw positive in this car.

Now it is time to talk about the issues I noticed. One of them is visible when you see people getting in or out of the car. Very low door arch make both driver and front passenger bend. Is making bows what you expect after cashing out a fortune for this piece of metal and plastic?

The situation is not much better when sitting on the rear seat. I am not a tall person at all, just about 170cm (-ish) high. But when I sat on the back row, I could feel the roof by my hindhead. To make things worse, the only other points that could contact the car interior were my butt and my feet. Whatever soft and posh material the seat cushions were made of, it has no use if no part of my thighs could touch it! That is a tree-point touch: hindhead, butt and feet. Do you think it is comfortable?

Have you tried sitting in Tesla? Have you tried driving it? Have your tried its computer system? What was your impression?


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